‘Whole-Brain and Holistic’ Psychotherapy with      

Maxine Harley - ‘Your Mind Healer’(c) 

      (MSc Integrative Psychotherapy) 

 What’s keeping you awake at night?

  • Are you over-thinking and trying hard to find the answers to what’s wrong in your life?

 Maybe you don’t even know what’s wrong – life just feels awful and desperate… like a living nightmare that you can’t escape from.

  • Are you feeling more and more isolated from who you really are, and what you want or need?
  • Are you ‘going through the motions’ at work to keep up your professional status and reputation – but it’s all becoming too much, and you feel like a fraud?
  • Are you feeling emotionally overwhelmed and burnt-out, and really struggling to hold things together – maybe to the point of crying when no-one can see you?
  • Are you hiding what you’re really feeling when you’re at home – so as not to upset anyone?
  • Are you becoming desperate and trying to numb your emotional pain with drinking, gambling or other mood-altering behaviours?
  • Are you finding it hard to keep your ‘false mask(s)’ in place?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you’re suffering from a case of ‘Living a Lie’ …  and it’s exhausting you!

The good news is… I CAN HELP YOU

If you want to gain control of your life then contact me NOW and we can arrange to get started – and to quickly ease your emotional pain and help you to get your life into balance.

What would that feel like for you?

How different would your life be?

Why wait any longer?


dreamstime_xs_30238932 1. SORT YOUR HEAD OUT’ – a two-hour therapy space - ideal if you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused. We will have time to explore your issues, worries and difficulties and find the possible solutions for you. I will visit you at your home or workplace (which must be free of intrusions, distractions and have full privacy). My professional consultancy fee for this two-hour session is £250 + travelling time at £50 an hour + transport costs (train/taxi)

2. I have also created three therapy ‘packages’ for you to choose from – whichever best suits your needs at the time.

IN EACH OF THESE PACKAGES I WILL WORK WITH YOU IN A FOUR-HOUR INTENSIVE PSYCHOTHERAPY SESSIONsaving you months of ’50-minutes-a-week’ therapy - which is what’s usually on offer elsewhere.

In these three half-day intensive therapy sessions we will work to get the control and peace of mind back into all areas of your life.

No more emotional overwhelm… no more feeling lost or isolated… no more time or energy wasted in feeling bad!

My three packages each contain different material and are called:






dreamstime_xs_25167533We all need some clarity in our lives – and having a caring and objective guide is a great help in this.

We all need to understand the reasons for our difficulties and to have the right help to see us through to a clearer way ahead.

Making sense of what is happening to us gives our brain a chance to find the solutions we need. We all want to feel happier, calmer and to get on well with people – but sometimes we get in our own way and create extra problems for ourselves.

Our 4 hour session will consist of:

WHO ARE YOU – AND WHY? Your place in the bigger picture of your life. What has made you who you are, and shaped the type of relationships you’ve been having so far.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOURSELF? What is your life really like? What makes you tick and how do other people see and treat you?

WHAT’S YOUR PLACE IN LIFE? How your emotions and self-concept have affected your life. Your emotional-attachment network of people, and evaluating your relationships with them.

WHAT LIES AHEAD? Shaping your future by learning from the past – and taking what is good and putting it to good use.



In childhood we learn to wear a false ‘madreamstime_xs_23308802sk’ (maybe more than one) in order to get by and to fit in with the people around us.

We have to hide our ‘real’ self and become what other people want and expect us to be instead.

In time we forget we even have a mask on… and we can’t imagine what life could be like without it.

Living a life that isn’t of your choosing chips away at your happiness, confidence, optimism and sense of purpose.

Living a life on someone else’s terms – so as not to upset them – will cost you dearly in your own psychological, emotional and physical well-being.

Our 4-hour session will consist of:

WHY THE MASK? – Understanding why you needed to create a false mask, and how this has affected your life. Looking at your self-concept and how you’ve been living your life so far.

WHAT’S KEEPING THE MASK IN PLACE – The relationships you have – and how ‘conditional’ they are upon you wearing the mask. How you see and feel about yourself – with and without the mask. Who you really are underneath!

TAKING OFF THE MASK –Taking the steps to sensitively remove the mask and become happy with the ‘real you’.

LIVING WITHOUT THE MASK – Making the right choices and decisions for your future happiness and success. The ones that fit with who you really are and where you want and need to be and learning how to communicate effectively and be accepted as you are.



head-shineOur mind can easily become overwhelmed with everything that we are holding onto – from the past and present, as well as what we are anticipating for the future.

Life can sometimes seem to spin out of our control – leaving us feeling very stressed and drained of energy.

Our brains are complex and highly adaptable – we can actually ‘re-wire’ them with our new thoughts and ways of perceiving what happens to us.

What fantastic news! You can change and improve the way your brain works – and when your brain works better then your life improves for the better too!

 Our 4-hour session will consist of:

DO YOU MIND? - Finding out about your brain and how it affects your life and relationships.

WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? – Finding out what you’ve been carrying around in your mind – and how to lighten this load one step at a time.

MIND OVER MATTER? - Learning how to use your mind to create the life you want. Making the most of the power of your whole-brain to change your awareness, thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  

MAKING UP YOUR MIND – Creating a new future for yourself and setting you up to attract what you really want in life. Having the confidence to ‘take the reins’ and set off in the right direction ahead!


In these three half-day therapy packages I will also use my own assessment tools, diagrams, handouts and personally created visualisations – we’ll be using your ‘whole-brain’… and mine! :-)

We’ll include short breaks – to give you time to assimilate and process our work.

We will also be moving around a little and being creative – I won’t just be sitting and talking with you for 4 hours! 

The brain works best when it’s fully engaged… both the right and left sides of your brain; as well as the primitive, emotional and cognitive areas of your brain too. Not forgetting your conscious mind and your all-important sub-conscious mind (which is running, and perhaps ruining, your life about 90% of the time!)

 Each of these three specially designed  4-hour intensive therapy sessions are only £500 – plus my travelling time (at £50 per hour) and transport (train/taxi) costs.

Payment can be made in advance by Paypal.  (I’ll give you the payment reference after our initial e-mails – and when we’ve had a chat and made sure which package is best for you.)

My therapy packages are all great value and well worth the investment in your own life, your relationships and/or your business career.

I will give you the benefit of my 20 years of experience and save you the inconvenience of months of meandering weekly counselling, therapy or coaching.

So, enough is enough!

It’s time to get the professional help you need – all packaged up into these focused and intensive therapy sessions. 

You chose which package is best for you.

What will your life continue to be like if you do nothing?


If you think you can’t afford my help – then ask yourself - 

‘Can I afford NOT to sort things out for myself?’

‘If I could afford it, where would the money come from?’

How much more would it have cost me to have months of therapy instead?


Your privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed and I will visit you at your home or office – which you must ensure will be free of distractions and interruptions during our session.

Please e-mail me at: maxine@psychotherapy-sussex.co.uk - and I will quickly get back in contact with you …and we can get started!

PLEASE ALSO SEE MY WEBSITE www.maxineharley.com FOR MY SELF-HELP E-COURSES and additional products to enhance your overall vitality for life at www.higher-resonant-frequency.co.uk

I live in Chichester, West Sussex, England – within easy reach of Arundel, Midhurst, Petersfield, Bognor Regis, Worthing, Brighton, Littlehampton, Portsmouth and Southampton and surrounding areas.

I am willing to travel further afield if you are willing to pay for my travelling time and expenses.

‘Whole-brain and holistic’ Counselling Therapy and Psychotherapy with

Maxine Harley (MSc)

- ‘Your Mind Healer’ (c)